With Contrast Comes Clarity

Folds of bright coloured paperThe past couple of weeks have been a tad weird.

Maybe not so much weird as contrasting.

Everything seemed to be on one end or the other rather than somewhere in the middle of:

busy or quiet,

deadlines or open-ended,

caught up or observant,

work or house projects,

cats or not cats,

scramble or snail’s pace,

clutter cleared or dumping ground,

torrential downpours or blazing heat,

procrastination or totally immersed,

involved or holding back.


The upside, however, was being able to see each one clearly for what it was.

Which in turn makes for great obserflecting.

Of all the things that happened, two thoughts really caught my attention –


1. Not thinking about work is rather refreshing.

As in really not. thinking. about. work. at. all.

A day spent cutting in and painting casing is a day requiring one’s complete attention and concentration on the task at hand.

Not only was physically taking a break from work good, so too was the mental break.

AND (not surprisingly) work didn’t get mad at me at all.

It was still there waiting when I finished painting.


2. Work connected with meaning feels good.

By meaning, I mean making a difference in the lives of others.

Doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering, world-changing difference.

Gifting someone a smile, buying cases of bleach and paper towel for a rescue or opening a door can be extremely powerful too.

The point is finding deeper connections with others (regardless of leg count).


Now, not that my work doesn’t have meaning.

That connection, however, can feel distant quite quickly.

The last few weeks have been heavily geared towards documentation and techie website stuff.

Neither rate high on the direct connection scale at the moment.

So having a couple of tasks that helped out the local rescue shelter felt really good. Right.

Simon Sinek says “Start with Why“.

I say “surround yourself in why somehow every day”.

Not only because it feels good.

Because it helps to distinguish between

what’s drama,

what’s important

and what’s truly i.m.p.o.r.t.a.n.t.

Knowing the difference is beyond key.


Work less and mean more.

Not a bad combination.


Where have opposites been showing up for you?


feel free to share

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Crazy for cats and potatoes, Lorraine's insatiable curiosity of Life leads her to question, explore and push beyond the box. A self-professed "left-brained creative big picture" type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing beyond and beneath first appearances while at the same time nerding out on the details. Most of all she sees and holds others in their highest until they can see it for themselves.

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