What You Can Do With Four Strings

I feel a bit sheepish having to admit I watched a documentary on ukuleles.

Yes, ukuleles.

There’s a good chance you’re chuckling with Tiny Tim singing “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” springing to mind.

Or perhaps you’re humming along with memories of Don Ho strumming “Tiny Bubbles”.

Seriously though, could there really be enough to say about the ukuleles to fill over an hour?


The only reason I even checked out the documentary was because of my good friend Kate.

Many months ago the seed was planted from watching her light up plucking out a few notes learning her first song on the ukulele.

Surely five minutes of watching would be sufficient to satisfy any curiosity.

Turns out five minutes was enough to know recording the whole show might be worth the effort.


Apparently, there really is enough to fill over an hour on ukuleles.

And with surprisingly interesting, joy-inducing, blow your mind I-didn’t-know-you-could-do-that-with-a-ukulele kind of stuff.

Check out this trailer for Mighty Uke for just a taste of what’s possible.

Boy, did I ever feel foolish for believing such off-base thoughts all this time.


Ukuleles, banjos and mandolins hanging from racks.


Not that I don’t know better either.

Questioning, checking in, seeing from other facets, exploring other opinions comes part and parcel with the curious mind.

But here was an innocent enough belief that fell through the cracks.


One comment in particular though took thoughts in a different direction.

A music teacher, who actually played the accordion! growing up was discussing the power of this mild-mannered instrument to change minds:

The ukulele is seen as something insignificant, seen as something that you can’t be serious about. Part of the allure for me is I get the opportunity to change that perception.

How easy to feel like a ukulele, going unnoticed or taken seriously in a busy world.

This can be especially frustrating when feeling the Inner Call or our muse leaning in at the same time.

We have our Work and our full selves pushing to come forward and be seen.


We are all that teacher. We all have the opportunity to change perceptions about our message and our Work.

The road won’t always be smooth sailing, but the journey is ours to take – or not.

If the ukuele can make noise, then we can too.


Strum on!

Now I think it’s time to find out more about accordions.



What perceptions are you here to change? Have you ever discovered something new or different from the way you always thought, and that changed everything?


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