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Questions can help you access your inner wisdom. They can also keep you in your head.

The following tips for asking questions can help make exploring an adventure of discovery instead of an academic exercise:





> Approach exploratory questions from the perspective answers and insights are waiting to be dis covered.

> Give the questions room to work for you instead of you working for them. Mindfully read through the list without trying to come up with answers. Go do something else to let the questions mull for a bit.

> Keep a notebook or recorder close by to jot down thoughts, ideas, insights, images, memories that come to you “out of the blue”. Don’t worry about paragraphs, grammar, or spelling. A snippet can be worth a thousand words.

> Bring the questions to mind again while doing something else – washing dishes, cleaning, riding the bus, going for a walk, etc. Having your mind focused on another tasks allows the inner thoughts to come through.

> Ask someone to read you the questions. Even better is to have them make notes for you or record the session. This often inspires new clarifying questions.

> Use other modalities you have found to access your inner wisdom – paint or draw the answers, play an instrument, sing your thoughts, etc.

> Make special note of answers and thoughts that come to you near water, like in the shower or near a river or lake.

> You don’t need to answer every question. Find the ones that click with you.  Note any questions you react to or want to avoid.

> Work on a few questions at a time.

> Relax. Struggling to get answers will only make matters worse. Try again another time.

> Start fresh. Ask yourself the questions multiple times without looking at your previous answers.

> Charging straight ahead into a question can cause resistance. Sometimes coming from different angles and asking the question in a different way can sneak you in the back door.


If you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments below or by email. Together we can help each other hone our skills at accessing our wisdom.



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