The Quiet Spirit of Christmas

December always strikes me as twelve months packed into four weeks.

If you lean in and listen closely to the whispers like Santa might do, you can feel a distinct energy during each.


The first of the month is filled with a freshness of dreams and anticipation of what is to come.

The second week is a mix of both settling into the newness and making preparations for the rest of the month.

Week three is plain old regular with the busyness of one day after another getting things done.

Next comes the wind down, a slipping out of work brain into more festive and celebratory thoughts.

And lastly comes a wrapping up of loose ends to get ready for starting over again.


My favourite time of all is the sense of stillness infused into the air as nightfall creates a true Christmas Eve,

and remains until early afternoon Christmas Day.

This presence can be felt underneath the excitement and whirlwinds of activity

as much as in more laid back quiet non-celebrations.


The Quiet Spirit Of Christmas


I imagine this brief period of time as a portal of some sort.

We get to taste being part of a much larger whole.

Not on the outside looking in or separate.

An experiencing of what it means to be different and One at the same time.


I’m not inclined to believe Christmas is the only time such a opening exists.

Any time of a focused mass consciousness will do.

When we’re a part of that particular mass, we’re more apt to tap into that energy than others.

Because we’re more aware.


What inspires the greatest hope for me each Christmas is the knowing of what we can accomplish together.

We are a force to be reckoned with when we’re all on the same page.

Collective thought in the same direction can create shifts on far larger scales than we deem imaginable.

What we think matters.

What we think together changes our world.


May you feel Spirit of the season infused into your celebrations, however grand, plain or non-existent. We are here connected in something greater than us all.


Are there particular occasions when tap into something beyond yourself?



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