The Secret To Time Managment In What You Do

Ponderances of “doing” were brought to mind after a seemingly busy last week. The kind of busy from having a lot of things to do – most unplanned – but left feeling not much of anything was accomplished.

Two weeks shy of the quarter year mark and I’m already asking “what have I done?”


Ah, the bane of looking backward instead of facing forward.

Little steps are lost to memory in the search for “something big”.

Works in progress can’t hold a flame against checks marked on a list.

But I digress.


Busy Doing Time


I realized this week we don’t need more time, and “time management” is a misnomer. We can engage in the utmost effective use of time and still not be doing what we should.

We need better doing.

The kind of doings of being expressed, powered by our true selves and something beyond.


I spent a lot of time this week dealing with a varietal of doings, the most blatant being the need to move energy. Not mine, but others needing to move theirs.

Have you ever phoned someone because you didn’t know what else to do and you end the conversation feeling less compressed and more open?

What about going for a run, working out, cleaning house or rearranging furniture, plucking weeds, chopping wood or mowing the lawn because you just had to move, and not moving was next to torture?


Pent up energy has to move somewhere at some point.

Think of the pressure on a dam if no water is let through, but the source keeps flowing in.

Something’s going to give. Energy will not be denied flow.


Then there are the obvious doings of procrastinations, diversions and avoidances.

I used to make bookkeeping monumental. I can make a grocery trip take all day if I need to. Or find a good reason to clean up my hard disk right now.

I can scour the internet for every possible angle of something I don’t need in this moment. Or peek in on email or Facebook to see who has posted since I last checked five minutes ago.

My most embarrassing diversion, gratefully overcome, was becoming totally absorbed in celebrity’s life at the expense of my own time. Hello?!


I’ve learned reasonably well – except when I haven’t – to recognize my signals of energy, procrastinations and diversions.

But the worst is reserved for totally doing what I’m not supposed to be, when I straying in the opposite direction of the real me.

Totally ignoring signals causes the big guns to kick in where physical symptoms start. I’m not the best at doing sick.

Whispers of aches and twinges escalate quickly towards the flu until I finally hear “you’re not listening”.


Listening is so much easier. Just being me in whatever I do is so much easier.

That’s when I have all the time in the world, and all the energy in the world – and beyond – to do what I’m doing.

Even in the most mundane of day-to-day tasks, I can be me or not. And the difference is noticeable, if only to me.


Become aware of your doings. Tap into the nuances. See where really being you – or not – changes the decisions around what you do.



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Crazy for cats and potatoes, Lorraine's insatiable curiosity of Life leads her to question, explore and push beyond the box. A self-professed "left-brained creative big picture" type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing beyond and beneath first appearances while at the same time nerding out on the details. Most of all she sees and holds others in their highest until they can see it for themselves.


  1. Kate on March 19, 2013 at 5:01 am

    For me this is all about re-remembering over and over and over again.

    snow today, home with little d.
    today will be about moments of quiet, stillness, listening, amidst HOURS of heavily interactive imagination and play. beginning with strong tea, centering, and a joyful lack of conflict between when I am doing and what I feel I should be doing.

    • Lorraine on March 20, 2013 at 4:10 pm

      “Shoulds” are a whole other category or two of doings when you look the driving force behind them. There’s good reason for the saying “stop shoulding all over yourself”.

      To be in a place of simply expressing yourself is blissful indeed.

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