First Steps

Going in circles

You feel the nudges.

There's something brewing.

Only what's not clear is what to do.

Or how.

Piecing together the entire picture beforehand seems impossible.

Never mind making sure whatever "it" is will be unique or monumental.


Hello overwhelm.

The gap between here and there feels too big to move anywhere.

So you end up going nowhere.

Laying the groundwork

Change is one of the few givens in life.

That place of not knowing, questioning, and frustration will be a part of life too.


Fortunately, clues and answers do exist.

They can be found all around and within us.

The foothold to rely upon isn't out there somewhere.

The place to begin is with you.

Acquiring New Skills

Learning by memorizing and critical thinking is familiar.

We're given steps to complete that lead to a designation or level of achievement.

There's a specific end to be reached by a mostly straight line.


Finding your way through not knowing requires different abilities.

There's no clear "there" to head towards.

But there is a world of information right here all around you.

Tapping into that wisdom needs a kind of awareness we're not used to.

Three key skills

Icon image of three electrons orbiting each other

manage chaos

Icon image of open door

Listen within

Icon image of shoe print and magnifying glass

pay attention

All ways learning

Chances are you've not been taught these skills - in the way they're needed.

Let alone encouraged to practice them.


But learning to deal with change, Listen to inner messages and pay attention to what's appearing can become second nature.

Like being able to read and write, tell time or do (simple) math in your head.

Remember, those took years of concentrated learning, practice and testing.

These new skills will develop, evolve and deepen too.

They'll become an inner foundation to fall back on whenever life gets messy.

Give them a chance to be there for you.

Forward movement

Thankfully, years of training aren't required before making progress.

Book smarts aren't required either.

What is needed, however, is a willingness to experiment, practice and keep going.

Gaining clarity is all about practical application, including those early stages of muddling about.


First Steps offers a single, familiar practice to focus on in each area.

Not only familiar, but simple.

The danger is they may be too familiar and simple that you'll write them off as not being able to help.



Do not underestimate the power of simplicity.

Simplicity is the less hurdled path to accessing your inner wisdom and guidance.

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Build Confidence

Give these three practices an honest try.

Play, push and allow them to integrate into your everyday.

They are experienced rather learned.


Figuring out how to walk came from concentration, repetition and determination.

As did reading, driving and playing an instrument.

Learning is a process, not an end.


Expect frustrations, set backs and even feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

There is much change and rewiring going on inside you don’t see right now.

You will find the clarity and direction you're looking for.

That you can count on.

It's a matter of when, not if.

You will be you.