Changing Directions

When change shows up

Let's face it.

Change is a pain in the butt.


You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Life is pretty good.

Even great.

Others look at you and think you’re so lucky to have it all.

Up until now, you thought so too.


Having it all isn’t supposed feel empty inside.

This is not the life you want.

You were meant for more.

Something different.

But what?


You’ve been wondering if you even know who you are anymore.

You’d like to feel real. True to yourself.

The questioning

There’s a very good reason for this questioning that’s coming up.

You’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Change likes to poke, prod and sometimes throw you for a loop to loosen up the edges.

Much like running a knife around the pan so you can slide out the cake once it cools.


Questioning and not knowing what to do isn’t a sign of confusion.

They’re signals there’s more for you.

And the time has come to begin exploring -

whether you feel ready or not.


What’s not required to start is crystal ball clarity or knowing all the answers upfront.

Sometimes it’s better not to.

You’d never believe what’s ahead for you. In a very good way.

There’s a good chance of scaring yourself off and never start.

tired of not knowing

You’re not alone in feeling there’s something more to life.

That you just want to be you.

You're beyond done & done with the nagging inner pokes and prods.


I know. I’ve been there too.


What you’re experiencing is a natural progression.

Growing pains of sorts.

You are always destined to become more and more you.

A matter of when, not if.

Common questions

There’s no magical age or event that signals change to start nudging.

But there are some common threads to the experience.

One of those threads is searching to answer four core questions.

What we've all asked

  • Am I crazy?

  • Will I ever find my "it"?

  • When will I figure "it" out?

  • How will I find "it"?

Finding answers

Changing Directions is my perspective on these fundamental questions.

They’re intended to give you what you want most right now –


something to hold onto, and

some answers to fall back on as you take your next steps.


Because int truth, there are many more steps ahead in this journey of you.

You'll feel like you're retracing steps or heading off into the ditch.

But with a common place to orient from, you're still moving forward.


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Where to next?

Your journey is just beginning,  

The path you’ve traveled to get here has served you well.

The ups and downs along the way will slowly fit their way into place.

You’ll see.

You’ve reached this point for one simple reason –

You. Are. Ready.