Predictions For 2019

Lorraine considering what her 2019 looked likeWhile I don’t have much in the way of a New Year’s tradition, my parents did.

For more years than I can remember they would go out for dinner with the same couple.

Occasionally, other couples would join to expand the festivities, but there would always be the four of them.

After dinner, they would return to our house or the other couples for the big countdown.

My dad would open the front door then go open the back door to ring in the new year and ring out the old.

I’m told this is a Scottish tradition, but not really sure.

My kid and teenager’s brain saw it as a bit crazy.


Another part of their tradition involved predictions.

Before midnight they would read their predictions made the last New Year’s Eve.

You could tell this part by the shouts, laughter and occasional “told you so” coming from the other room.

After midnight the paper and pens came out and the house grew quiet as they scribbled away about the year ahead.

I think they looked forward to these two parts of the evening the most.

My dad’s door tradition and their laughter reading predictions are where my thoughts go to at this time of year.


With so many signals pointing to a year of big change ahead for so many, I thought it might be fun to make some predictions too.

Grab a cuppa, a notebook and a few minutes to mull.

Answers may jump to mind immediately.

Those kind are especially good if they aren’t what you expected.

Or make you squirm a little bit.

If you’re feeling stuck, read the questions and let them percolate in the background.

Pay attention for answers appearing when you least expect them.

Make sure to write those down or record them somehow.

Even the most memorable answers can be forgotten.


Transporting yourself ahead to December 2019 and looking back over the year past …


I was most surprised by _____________________.

I’ll definitely do _____________________ again because _____________________.

My decision to _____________________ turned out _____________________.

The word I most did not want to be my word for the year but it kept showing up and poking annoyingly away at me was _____________________.

What I could never have imagined in a million years yet here I am was _____________________.

Most out of character for me was _____________________ when I _____________________.

Myself Now wants to tell Myself Back Then in January _____________________.

Myself Back Then in January wants to tell Myself Now _____________________.

[add your predictive questions / statements in the comments for others to share in the mulling.]


You’re not restricted to writing your answers.

Draw, doodle, sing, paint or however you’re drawn to capture your predictions.


If you’d like, email me your predictions and I’ll send them back to you at the end of next year.

Promise I won’t peek – double pinky swear – unless you want me to.


feel free to share

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