The art of listening within

Discover your inner wisdom in the every day

Imagine finding answers to those ever nagging questions

The searching ends.

No more second guessing when problems crop up or decisions have to be made – even the REALLY BIG ones.

Sure, sometimes it takes a while to piece things together, but at least you find the clarity for what to do next.

Recognizing the signals and messages appearing around changed everything.

As did knowing your stories and calling out the “Negative Nellies” that held you back.

Your new found inner confidence dealing with whatever shows up is beyond still takes you by surprise.

Back to reality

If only - life worked that way.


You know things have to change, but to what, or how, or even why escapes you.

Trying to find answers and getting nowhere has proved beyond frustrating.

Everything gets called into question.

Because you just don’t know anymore.

If only something or someone would tell you what to do.

That would be so much easier.

Than trusting yourself.

Figuring out the answers

If you're like me, you've probably tried anything and everything under the sun to hear what the whispers say and what the nudges mean.

Multiple times over.


Do these sound familiar?

Read every book

Took countless courses

Joined a gazillion groups

Signed up for countless magic bullet freebies

Tried to meditate

Took even more training

Had cards, sign, numbers and aura read

Worked harder

Yet, answers still find a way to escape

One step forward is quickly followed by three steps back.


Then came the realization around who was getting in the way.


I figured I should be able to figure things out.

I was book smart after all.

And pretty good at shutting down my intuition.

Stepping off to the side

Taking Reiki Level I was my turning point.

In order to practice and share my newfound ability, I had to Listen rather than control.

Follow instead of lead.

Mind had to take a step back.

Intuition was not going to be held back.


As my training progressed, so did my awareness.

Patterns began to emerge.

I recognized signals.

Heard messages.

The more I tested and played, the more I trusted what I knew about myself.

Doubts and negative self-talk remained, but loosened their grip over me.


wrong leads to right

Now Mind didn’t ride off into the sunset.

It wanted to know as much about Reiki as possible.

I consumed every book I could get my hands on.

Only things weren’t jiving.


One author would say this means that.

Another would say that means this.

My experience was different altogether.

How could I be so wrong?


Except I wasn’t.

Listen to who

As I continued to know myself better, the less stock I placed in what others said.

Not dismissed.

More discerning.


There is no single path to Reiki.

There is no single path to knowing your true self.

But there is a single you.

One person’s path or method is a way, but not the only one.

The key to following your path is getting to know the real true you

You can trust in listening too

That’s where the Art of Listening Within: Discovering your inner wisdom in the everyday came from.

To help you tap into the answers all around you in everyday life.

You need to discover what patterns, signals and message mean for you.


Our journeys share common elements and cross similar points along the way.

Not everything is exactly the same for everyone.

You can learn from others while creating your own map and testing what is true for you.

During your 30 day journey of discovery and deeper listening, you’ll focus on:

  • developing Listening skills to hear your Inner voice
  • developing awareness of what messages / signs / signals all around us
  • bringing awareness to self-sabotaging talk and behaviors that control us
  • seeing our world through new eyes
  • developing active mindfulness skills
  • practicing actively being by bringing different ways of being into what we are doing
  • introducing skills for becoming more comfortable with the unknown


These skills are key to gaining clarity by better equipping you to:

  • recognize signs and signals, and interpret their meaning for guidance
  • hear more clearly and grow trust in your inner voice and intuition
  • feel a greater sense of ease and inner peace even when life is crazy
  • manage your stories and "Negative Nellies" that hold you back.

What we're both bringing to the table


What I’ve created up for you is:

  • a small, intimate community
  • an online private group space
  • weekly live group conversations
  • videos and eGuides with material
  • my active participation in the online group space


I’m here to be your host or guide.

Having travelled this path myself (and we’re always on it), I’m aware of the nuances of highlights and pitfalls.

My role is to:

  • create a safe space for you to explore as deeply as you dare to
  • see the true you, and hold you in that higher vision
  • help you through rough spots, because there will be some
  • nudge you towards the uncomfortable you might not otherwise look at
  • cheer you on and celebrate your ahas with you



The Art of Listening Within is designed to be an experiential journey.

That means what you get out of our time together is highly dependent upon you.

The activities are simple in nature, but powerful in what they can stir and bring forward.

I am not transferring knowledge to you.

I’m guiding you through an experience for you to get to know yourself in a way you might not have before.

Your role is to:

  • participate as fully as you can
  • allow yourself to be in the vulnerable uncomfortableness
  • keep exploring beneath the surface and beyond the horizon
  • create a safe space for yourself and others to explore deeply
  • be open to new ways of seeing past experiences
  • celebrate even the tiniest shifts 

Success in developing these new skills is directly related to:

  • how much you engage and share
  • how deep you’re willing to dig
  • how honest you want to be with yourself
  • how long you’ll stick it out through the rough spots (because there will be some)

Getting messy

If mucking about sounds a bit scary, it is.

Until you get in there and turn it upside down.

Bringing curiosity and asking different questions into the mix shifts everything.

Plus I’m here to get you through.

Will this really work for you?

You’ll likely find your experience with the Art of Listening Within both exciting and eye-opening if:

  • You’re curious, like to ask a lot of questions and are open to different perspectives.
  • You’re willing to do the work despite the thousand excuses you’ll hear not to.
  • You know at times change is messy and ambiguous, but that’s better than staying stuck.
  • You’re okay with being nudged out of your comfort zone.
  • You prefer honest conversations, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  • You want something more active than journaling, meditations and affirmations.
  • You want to make shift happen. Badly.

You're better off taking a pass

The timing might not be right for you if:

  • Now is not a good time for change in your life.
  • You’re looking for a black and white, highly structured, most direct route process.
  • You’d be squeezing this in. Finding 30-60 minutes per day to focus on this is a huge ask.
  • You think intuition and the possibility of hearing messages is way-too-out-there woo-woo for you.
  • You prefer self-study approaches rather than interaction and group participation.

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