A different path

Figuring out what you’re supposed to do can take many routes.

If you're like me, chances are you’ve been down at least one of these roads:

Figure stands behind jail bars


Do what you think you're supposed to do.

icon of large safe


Dive into another's dream and give your all to make sure their's come true.

Hammer hitting nail to make it work


Try anything and everything until something clicks.

Chick breaking out of Easter egg


Be your no hiding, no holding back true self.

Sign posts along the way

  • one

    Shoulds are a heavy weight to shoulder.

    Pressures to be and act a certain way come from all sides.

    How easy it is to question your voice against all the others.

    And how vulnerable it feels to stand out from what has always been.


  • two

    Busy feels important, so it must be.

    Putting your heart and soul into something is better than nothing at all.

    With the side benefit of not having to change, choose, or rock the boat.


  • Three

    You can’t do what you’ve always done any longer, or it isn’t enough anymore.

    You’re left spending a lot of time, money and effort trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do.

    Overstuffed bookshelves and boxes of binders are a testament to the weary traveler.

That leaves option four

Answering the age old question –

who am I?

That place feels pretty scary.

If you can’t figure out what to do, how the heck are you supposed to figure out who you are?

You’re too busy juggling chaos for contemplating life, let alone yourself.

Besides, when you think about what you want, all you get is more muddled up questions.

Who you want to be is closer to foggy than crystal clear.

With so many unknowns about so many things, how do you know – and trust – who you really want to be?

good news, bad news

The good news is, the answers are all around you

The not so good news is, you've not been shown how to recognize them - yet.

The better news is, you're perfectly capable of discovering what you want to know.

The less than better news is, learning to hear the answers takes times, as in patience and practice.

The best news is,

you can do it.

The honest news is, the road to getting there has bumpy stretches.

What I know,

we. got. this.

Not to worry

That’s why I’m here.

For the long haul.

To get you over the bumps and through the pot holes of stepping into who you really are.

And let’s not forget celebrating too!

The work

What we’re up to here is not so much focused on what you’re supposed to do.

Filling out more checklists, following more instructions, taking more tests, or setting better goals isn’t what you need to find answers.

A new set of skills is.

Skills that will help you tap into the answers and messages appearing all around you.

With this greater awareness comes deeper clarity which leads to living more authentically as who you truly are.

Think of yourself as an explorer, setting off to discover the depths of less charted waters or the breath-taking meadow beyond the thick wall of trees.

What you’re up to is bringing to light to all these new terrains and filling in your map of what’s always been there.

Map making

While I can’t draw your map for you, I can help you navigate this new territory more easily than going it alone.

You need a safe space to learn, practice, absorb, challenge and integrate the new skills and new world opening up to you.

My programs are designed, with each of those elements in mind, to guide you through the journey step by step. The programs build on each other, from foundational through to the deep inner work.

Letters From Home

More than a newsletter. Learning who we are through weekly deeper dives into what can be seen in day-to-day life. 

Art of Listening Within

Discover your inner wisdom in the every day

Introduction to practical skills for recognizing and listening to messages all around us.

[Coming Soon]

The Pink Time Challenge

Creating time for creative time

Giving yourself time to explore and experience the real you.

[Coming Soon]

Begin With Being You

A journey of rediscovering your true self and what’s next

Re-igniting the light of who you are and what you are meant to do.

[Coming Soon]

Stepping Outside

A virtual retreat for claiming clarity, confidence and courage for what’s ahead

Guiding what’s next for you through your inner compass.

[New Year's 2018]

The Kitchen Table

Continuing the conversations

Applying the work of self-discovery in day-to-day life with ongoing support.

[Continuing in January 2019]

Being your true self is some of the toughest work you'll be asked to do

But it’s worth the messiness because in the end, bringing yourself to life and living your true self full out, in whatever you do, IS the


most meaningful,



superhero life

you could possibly dream of.


At the bare bones, brass tacks, core of it all ...

there's nothing

else to do,

except be you


Take a next step on your path of self-discovery by connecting each week with your own Letters From Home.

You’ll see how I dive into what’s appearing around me.

And perhaps start seeing yourself a bit differently too.