A Small Life Lived

April 12, 2013

Small is relative.   We could stop there or poke the edges a bit by asking a more intriguing question – relative to what?   “Big” obviously springs to mind. But what if we look at small within the context of who we are relative to who we could be? Things suddenly get interesting.  …


Eighty Ways To Ripple Forward

April 8, 2013

Easter weekend I had the very good fortune to meet Lori, the foster mom for two of our cats. She’s one of those people with whom you find yourself “outside-of-time”, talking for hours feeling as if only 30 minutes have passed. As the conversation wove from one topic to next I began to witness an…


Dropping In On Life

April 7, 2013

The 4Runner was in for a seemingly minor repair this week that proved more tricky than expected. A small nick in the washer for the drain plug caused the transfer case fluid to form a rather large splot underneath the car. Then the new washer against an old plug caused a similar drip to continue…


The Secret To Time Managment In What You Do

March 18, 2013

Ponderances of “doing” were brought to mind after a seemingly busy last week. The kind of busy from having a lot of things to do – most unplanned – but left feeling not much of anything was accomplished. Two weeks shy of the quarter year mark and I’m already asking “what have I done?”  …

A black & white image of strawberries where a single red one stands out from the rest

Different To Make A Difference

March 8, 2013

I should know better.   Yesterday was the weekly trip into town for groceries and running errands. Thirty minutes both ways of pure pondering time given the almost empty highway. Not five minutes out when “Today’s Trip Topic” is dropped into mind. A bit surprising, but there it is: Making a difference instead of making…


Give Voice To What You Know

March 3, 2013

Even when you don’t know the whole thing, sometimes the fastest path towards clarity is to give voice to what you do know. An inkling, an image, or even a few words scattered here and there brought into “the light of day” are like sowed seeds responding to sunlight. In the right space of light,…


Being Into Doing

March 2, 2013

I mentioned my wavering between two ideas I most want people to get in their DNA. If I thought people being full of themselves was going to be a tough sell, I suspect there’s an even tougher road ahead for embracing the notion being is not the opposite of doing, and in no way means…


You’re Full Of Yourself

February 24, 2013

A few times in recent weeks I’ve had the chance to ask others a favourite question for sussing out some specifics of an often nebulous inner impulse – What do you most want people to know, to “get” deep down inside that it could almost, if not actually change their DNA? Taking the opportunity to…

Ceiling structure spiraling upwards

More Than Short And Sweet

February 13, 2013

A certain je ne sais quoi happens when essence is touched upon. There’s a stillness, a rightness, a skipped breath. Words are not enough. Or needed.       Getting to the core is rarely the straight and easy path we’d like to believe. Essence is a treasure as much courted as fought against.   Until…


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