Intending Not To Focus

Please don’t mistake my avoidance for goal setting means I spend my days wandering aimlessly without purpose.

Through my own journey of giving my power away, then taking “control” of my life, only to reach the point of having to let go, I’ve come to realize creating intentions is far more empowering for me than setting goals.


Intention carries the feeling of energy, movement and direction without placing a marker in the sand reading “Arrive Here Or Bust.”


Here are five of my reasons to set intentions rather than goals:

Reason #5 – In The Game: Life unfolds. Which doesn’t necessarily imply a constant and even flow. Motion can be orderly and chaotic, fast and slow, revving  up and winding down – but life never stops. Which is a good thing because objects in motion require less effort to change or move.  When life unfolds many paths lead to one destination just as one path leads to many destinations. Instead of focusing on what or where you must reach, your attention shifts to what is appearing to guide you.

Reason #4 – No Time At All: An important thing to remember is time is ultimately a concept of our creation. We play with time all the time.  Letting go of time as a measure or criteria means you have all the time in the world. Time doesn’t matter anymore. What we are creating does. What we desire to accomplish is given the space to mature into reality without added pressure.  Once you learn to distinguish between the energy of procrastination and not-quite-right-yet, the importance of time fades into amazing results.

Reason #3 – With The Way: Patience is a virtue simply because you move yourself out of the way. You shift from controlling the situation to observing. When you’re not concerned with doing something to be doing anything, you start to pay attention, notice both details and landscapes, begin musing, and allow. Allowing means you stop fighting for what you think has to happen and become part of what is and can happen. This is where controlling changes into creating.

Reason #2 – Wings: Intention sets wheels in motions more than defining an end to reach. You begin a dance where letting go and being aware leads to finding yourself where you could not see. Dreaming big is not nearly as important as allowing yourself to expand along the way and recognize what is possible … not necessarily what is comfortable.

Reason #1 – Peripheral Vision: What you desire doesn’t always show up where, when, or how you thought. Expectations make good horse blinkers.  As you start paying attention to what shows up outside of straight ahead, you start to see signals and answers you would otherwise miss – and quite often, long to have. Being out of focus can actually bring you greater clarity.


“Now what?” you might be asking after considering these thoughts on goals and intentions.

For the sake of brevity and clarity here, let’s paddle around with the many thoughts popping to mind about what’s beneath intentions and goals.


Be Further Ahead Forgetting Goals - Infographic

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