Forced Back To Basics – Insights

Lorraine as a bobblehead being squeezed in box vice back to basicsJune overflowing into July turned out to be an interesting six weeks.

We had a house full of repairs at our other place and a bunch of related paperwork to complete with a hard deadline.


Talk about focus.


As each week, and then each day passed, more and more non-essentials fell by the wayside.

Even the meaning of essential became more refined.

Whatever diminishing body and brain power remained went solely into getting done what truly needed to get done.


Must say it was an interesting experience to observe.


The more tired I became the more I appreciated not having to make decisions.

What time to get up – early.

What to wear – old t-shirts and shorts.

What to eat – leftovers or what could heat up quickly.

When to sleep – after 10 minutes of impersonating a bobblehead

Rinse and repeat.

No thinking involved.


Seeing perks of this narrowly focused routine surprised me.

I’m a don’t-fence-me-in kind of girl.

The more elbow room, options and autonomy the better.

Freedom, baby.


Which is why the process of getting back to normal also surprised me.

All of a sudden there seemed like a thousand decisions.

What part of the backlog to tackle first?

What to wear? Oh wait, what’s the weather forecast and what was scheduled for the day?

Would continuing to get up earlier prove as productive?

What would be good for dinner with more time cook?

Can I catch up on all the library books before they’re due back?


Too many choices!

Screw freedom.

Tell me what to do.

Stop this going in circles.


Who said that?!

I had to laugh.

Whoever would have thought I’d asked to be boxed in?


Slowly but surely my feet are getting back under me.

Takes a while to get your head back into the swing of things.

Reminds me of returning from a really good vacation.

But with a twist.


Observing myself over the past weeks there’s no more denying a pretty bad habit.

I way beyond tend to juggle a lot of things in my head, then respond to whatever jumps to mind at any given time.

I can turn into a ping-pong ball pretty quickly and progress nothing.

Watching myself really hit home.

Enough so to make changes.


Instead of juggling everything at once my intention is to place focus on only a few at a time.

It’s actually more of a mind thing than scheduling.

Giving attention to what I’m working on and not everything at once is going better than I thought.

I know the other things are captured so they will get their own centre stage in due time.


Also not lost on me is what got classified as truly essential.

Very little.

That means everything else is up for grabs.

What is put back on my plate I’m trying to approach as a choice.

A conscious decision.

A do-over moment.

Is what had my time and attention worth continuing to have time and attention?


If we clutter clear our physical surroundings, why not what fills our time & energy?

It’s an interesting exercise with a lot of nuances once you start taking a deeper look into it.


That’s the catch up on my end. What’s been showing up for you of late?


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