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Local Woman Rescues Cats Pillow
Easter weekend I had the very good fortune to meet Lori, the foster mom for two of our cats.

She’s one of those people with whom you find yourself “outside-of-time”, talking for hours feeling as if only 30 minutes have passed.

As the conversation wove from one topic to next I began to witness an amazing change come over her.

Image from Our Name Is Mud.


If only you could have seen Lori light up when she spoke about cats, especially those with special needs.

And I mean Literally. Light. Up.

Even the space around her glowed.

I was in awe watching the transformation unfold and grow brighter before my eyes.


Lori enjoys her work in the IT (information technology) area.

She has a keen interest, if not passion about fitness. She’s even a certified trainer.

But Lori’s calling is to work with rescue cats.


The call began quietly back in late 1998 on a trip to the Calgary Humane Society to adopt a dog … when instead Lori came home with her cat Elmo.

In the years since, there has been no shortage of ways she finds to express herself all over.

Lori cares for three rescue cats of her own, has arranged her schedule for over ten years to volunteer weekly at MEOW Foundation‘s adoption center, runs marathons to raise money for rescues and has her sights set on spending an upcoming vacation volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


The most mind blowing of all – Lori has been foster mom to over 80 cats and kittens.

My brain and heart stop at the prospect of losing one cat. Being able to foster 80 cats is nothing short of inspiring, and a direct expression of her love, compassion, courage, caring, foresight and wisdom – just for starters.

Lori is willing to endure the possibility of pain in letting go in order to help manyfold more cats than she can by adopting them herself.

She’s turned a limit on its head into something far-reaching. (Believe me, we know firsthand the cats who cross paths with her carry on their way reflecting a piece of Lori wherever they go.)


Allowing our true selves to shine through is indeed an amazing sight to witness and experience. We become mind blowing because we go far beyond what our minds can imagine for ourselves.

The question to answer is not “what will I …?” or “how will I …?”

The empowering question behind change awaiting our answer is

when will I allow myself to do who I am meant to be?


Lori continues to answer her question by finding new ways to express who she really is, and we all benefit many times over for her showing up and shining so brilliantly.


Joseph Campbell - Willing To Let Go


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