Dropping In On Life

The 4Runner was in for a seemingly minor repair this week that proved more tricky than expected.

A small nick in the washer for the drain plug caused the transfer case fluid to form a rather large splot underneath the car. Then the new washer against an old plug caused a similar drip to continue until new plug and washer were in place.

I started pondering on how such a small opening could let such a large amount of fluid through. Then I realized what a great analogy this made.


Water Drop Creates Change


Change – and Life – are opportunists. They both take advantage to flow through any opening they can get.

Size doesn’t matter.

Have opening will move.


We are the ones creating some false criteria as to when the time is right enough to be ready.

In doing so we turn the flow of life from working on our behalf into struggling against.

Then wonder why nothing changes.


While there is no requirement as to how small or large the opening must be, an opening must exist.

Skepticism, doubt and fear can easily clog an opening, while the truest of desires for change to occur is able to cut through once again.

It’s not enough to say you want change, you must know this even microscopically to a depth beyond doubt.

Then you’ve created the nick for Life to begin flowing through you and working on your behalf.


Change can begin with the faintest whisper or the loudest roar – no matter what the volume used, you’re still saying YES!




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Crazy for cats and potatoes, Lorraine's insatiable curiosity of Life leads her to question, explore and push beyond the box. A self-professed "left-brained creative big picture" type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing beyond and beneath first appearances while at the same time nerding out on the details. Most of all she sees and holds others in their highest until they can see it for themselves.

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