Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

Lorraine looks like bloated Weeble holding trigger foodsWhat I eat is largely shaped by several food sensitivities.

None are life-threatening, but they can cause a good degree of uncomfortableness.

Discovering the right diet of good and bad foods multi-digit years back changed everything.


At the start, I was beyond diligent following what I could and couldn’t eat.

Then as my gut healed I knew where I could push boundaries or not (aka cheat) and how far.

Not having to worry about where I landed on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list, Christmas (aka pull out all the stops on baked goodies) became my “rebel” time.

That’s what the new year was all about – getting back on track.


Only this year was different.

There’s been no getting back.

If this was bowling I’d be throwing 100% gutter balls.

Body wakes up with a brilliant plan and by late afternoon Mind has different thoughts.

Two weeks ago I knowingly bought a package of tortillas and a twelve pack of pitas.

Getting back on track was going to go out with a big bang.

One last time to eat and be merry guilt free before stopping.


Eating was a feast for the taste buds.

Feeling good not so much. Okay, not at all.

The self-sabotage has set me way back.

Symptoms not experienced in years have returned.


Denial is futile.

Feeling this crappy has convinced Mind to throw in the towel. Admit defeat.

What Body has been saying is true after all.

There’s only one way forward.

Eat well. Move more often.

Not if. When.

A huge diet reset, as in back to super simple basics, is in the works.

(keyword – in the works)


So why did I have to go so far to the extreme?

Really. Good. Question.

Part temper tantrum?

Part protest?

Part tired of being good?

Part avoiding change?


Whatever the reason there was no reasoning.

I’d dug in my heels.

Sort of surprising as I reserve this level of obstinance for the most critical of issues.

Feeling like crap and bringing up memories of before was the only language I would hear.

So easy to see now how I willingly played along with Gluten Armageddon to instigate change without admitting that’s what I was doing.



How convoluted is that?

But it worked.

Mind is listening to Body and Body is being kind in leading Mind into change.

The diligence Mind would thrive to control and complete the task at hand has been replaced with something closer to kindness and compassion.

Body knows full well where we’re headed and has a firm hand on the rudder.

When Mind has another think coming, there will be no arguing with Body.

Resistance is futile once Body has a voice.


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Crazy for cats and potatoes, Lorraine's insatiable curiosity of Life leads her to question, explore and push beyond the box. A self-professed "left-brained creative big picture" type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing beyond and beneath first appearances while at the same time nerding out on the details. Most of all she sees and holds others in their highest until they can see it for themselves.

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