Clarity, But Not Too Much Clarity

Bright spot atop post indicates new light fixture addedHave to love when messages show up.

Especially the ones you totally miss that are Right. In. Your. Face.


Like this past weekend.


Feeding the cats dinner Friday night, a very bright light through the window caught my eye.

Wait a minute. That wasn’t there last night.

Or was it?

Is there any way I could possibly not remember something like that?


Across the 3ish acre green space behind us is the recently completed independent living facility for seniors.

Work is still being done here and there, and apparently a light post on the edge of the parking lot wasn’t bright enough.

In place of the modern and matching lamp head, the post now sports a more industrial double-headed gazillion watt LED fixture.

(Changed out on Friday afternoon.)


This new light is b.r.i.g.h.t.

And wasn’t tilted enough towards the ground.

The entire green space was lit, as were the backsides of at least three other houses besides ours.

To top it all off, this nova on a post shone right into the house.


As the night grew darker, the contrast between light and dark grew stronger.

Passing by a window was like being blasted by the guy on the highway who won’t flick off his high beams while approaching you.

Forget about nightlights or flicking on a switch for middle of the night trips.

The post across the way provide ample light to guide the way.


In the dark, the new light is blindingly bright


Mind set wheels into motion.

It’s not putting up with this interloper to a (relatively) dark sky outside the window night.

Find the land use by-law. I’m sure lighting is covered in there.

Figure out who’s in charge.

How best to approach getting this illuminating matter resolved?

Would someone who could deal with this be at the building on the weekend?


Now, I am happy to report, Reason stepped in quickly to convince Mind that addressing this on Monday was perfectly okay.

Every blinding moment for the rest of the weekend became a joke.

Taunting at times.

“Come on, look at me. I dare you.”


Mind kept its promise to Reason.

Until Monday at 12:50pm.

Off the couch I sprang. Unexpectedly. But not expectedly.

Time to get a move on and put some light on the situation.


I’m also happy to report, a picture does paint a thousand words.

Upon sharing the grainy photo of our new view, understanding was immediate.

Their electrician would be back on site Tuesday to rectify the situation.


And so it was.

Walking about the house has returned to normal.

No forearms or hands needed to shield eyes from the glaring light.

All is well with the world once again.


Brightness of light acceptable after adjusted to point downwards


[face palm]


How could I have missed such a blatant message.


Think of the times when you’re out there in the dark.

Didn’t know what to decide.

Or which way to turn.

Too many options.

Maybe not enough.

The frustration and going in circles becomes increasingly maddening.

How often have you wished for clear as day, in your face, no room for doubt clarity?


Right there in front of you.

No questions.

Done and done with indecision.

Moving on.


Except we turn away from that clear as day clarity.

It’s too bright. Too in your face.

So obvious you want to push it away.

Dim it down a bit.

You need time to get used to the idea.

Let the pieces come together.

Like seeing Christmas lights in the dark slowly come into focus.

The courage to believe and trust what’s before you can take time.


Thankfully, pushing back on the light doesn’t turn it out.

(Whether out there or inside of you.)

If dimming down is what you need for now, so be it.

Just remember, you aren’t turning it off.

When you step fully into that light, it’s shining bright right where you are.


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