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Mastery Or Mystery – You Choose

December 2, 2013

A little over five years ago I first heard this Brenda Chaddock interview with Dawna Markova and Charles Holmes about their views on inspirational leadership. Throughout the hour Inner Me grew increasingly excited and exclaimed “Yes! Exactly!” over and over. Here I’d found others who shared the same perspective about questions, mastery and mystery, and…


Stop Looking For Answers

November 30, 2013

I’m positive mustard bottles are in collusion with pickle jars. They both seem to find new ways to sneak around the fridge and remain hidden behind yogurt tubs or the latest bowl of leftovers. The dust rag snickering in plain view is no better as I walk past a dozen time on my hunt to…


Put Yourself To Work

October 27, 2013

In keeping with all of 2013, the past month has zoomed by in the blink of an eye. After much deliberation over a number of weeks I decided to run for one of three positions on Village council. Talk about something being beyond imagination or past the outer realms of possibility! But the Inner pokes…


Trust Without Trust

October 19, 2013

Life was lived tightly guarded. Outer Me was shy person blending into the background not making waves. Inner Me was the questioning observer of all I was invisible to. The fly on the wall. Very few were allowed in, and fewer close.   Times where I took a chance and stood out were usually met…

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The Future Is Now

September 7, 2013

I’ve often wondered if Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s belief in humans evolving past the need for money was possible. Whether salt, gold or paper bills, some sort of monetary system has existed for a very long time.   How many people would show up at work Monday morning without a paycheque? Would somebody really…


Personal Handbook

August 31, 2013

I love “stumbling upon” something that weaves perfectly into what you’ve just been talking about. … the way to become natural like I wanted to be so badly, is by forgetting what you are trying to be to other people. And if there is a handbook, you probably get to write it yourself.   Ze Frank…


No Apology Necessary

August 29, 2013

Why the sudden run on posts about woo-woo, intuition and clair-senses? Those wonders crossed my mind too. The answer flashed suddenly with a pointer to the message from a few weeks back from out of the blue.   Signals are funny things. They don’t always mean what we think they do.   Take for instance…


In The Groove

August 28, 2013

Back in another life I taught Reiki classes. Both before and after their Level I attunement, students often wondered if they would feel anything. Or would know what they felt really meant. These same questions frequently pop up as intuition and clair-senses start making themselves known. The answer to my students back applies here too.…


Finding The Way Past Woo-Woo

August 27, 2013

I wonder if intuition and clair-senses are dismissed as “woo-woo” because of how uncomfortable they can make people can feel. Not by the ability itself, but from the associations or packaging.   For instance, being labeled a witch was once a death sentence, and a horrible death at that. Crystal balls, mystical music and flowing…


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