Sketch of Lorraine putting the spotlight on what being herself looks like

When You’re More You

April 19, 2018

A question caught me off-guard a couple weeks back. How do you know when you’re living from Self, that you’re on the right path? Shortly afterwards arrived a request to expand on what being a little more me looks like. Then living from Self came up again.   The answer is akin to describing what blue…

Sketch of Lorraine donating blood

What Money Can’t Buy

April 11, 2018

Monday night I made my 19th blood donation. Sadly, with only being able to donate 4 times a year, there won’t be any lifetime donation records broken around here. That’s okay. The point is contributing, not competing. Gratefully, my personal targets are still very much within reach – 20 this year and 25 by the…

Sketch of woman trying to pain despite obstacles in her way

Passion In The Trenches

April 5, 2018

A simple musing today – What if your passion is the thing that takes the most effort to make sure it happens? Where are you in for the long haul?   Over the past few weeks a few things have come to mind: ~ the couple marking their one year anniversary helping abandoned and stray…

Sketch of Lorraine breaking free of the past while moving towards the future

Ties That Unbind

March 29, 2018

This has been a weird week of contrast. Ebb and flow. Busyness and quiet. Avoidance and diving in. Spinning about and finding traction. Attachment and letting go.   Or rather let go. That’s what most caught my attention.   Had a phone call yesterday from a friend. She’s worked tirelessly for what seems forever trying…

Sketch of Lorraine hugging her cat

Embracing The Moment

March 22, 2018

Something was up with this week’s Letter. Two perfectly great topics to write about and yet I’ve been doing everything else. (And juggling the balls quite well, if I do say so myself.) I recognized the sign. Pushing would be futile. What I wanted to write about wasn’t going to happen.   But all the run…

Sketch of Lorraine trying to make toast in the kitchen without her glasses on

Seeing Through Your Thoughts

March 15, 2018

All these years later, I’m still surprised by, and reminded continually of, how much our thoughts shape our world.   Who would have thought an eye exam could mess so deeply with our thoughts. If you’ve ever been frustrated that signs don’t look crispy and sharp, or that fuzziness means you can’t see, or less…

Sketch of Lorraine trying to take eye exam under less than ideal conditions

Less Than Perfect Vision

March 8, 2018

I’ve reached that time in life of active denial. Bi-focals are in my future, but I’ll do what I can to stave off the inevitable. For the past couple of weeks, the cats wait patiently atop my stomach in the morning while I go through eye exercises laying in bed. If you think your hamstrings…

Bright spot atop post indicates new light fixture added

Clarity, But Not Too Much Clarity

February 28, 2018

Have to love when messages show up. Especially the ones you totally miss that are Right. In. Your. Face. Literally. Like this past weekend.   Feeding the cats dinner Friday night, a very bright light through the window caught my eye. Wait a minute. That wasn’t there last night. Or was it? Is there any…

Deer, squirrel and tire tracks crossing paths in fresh snow

Crossing Different Paths Of Life

February 21, 2018

Do you ever wonder about people? Okay, not THAT kind of wondering. I’m talking about the kind of wondering while watching people bustle about a shopping mall. The ones driving on the highway in the middle of the afternoon. Or the person you pass by sitting on a bench gazing at nothing special.   What…


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