Forgetting Goals May Be Good For You

January 6, 2015

Plans and resolutions have danced like sugar plums in many a head over the past few weeks. Except mine perhaps, as I don’t make resolutions or set plans for the whole year in advance. I’m more of an intention setting person.   The thought popped to mind to bring forward a three part series on…


Starting With A Blank Slate

December 30, 2014

At some point during December I typically begin to get a sense of what lays ahead for the coming year. Not a sense about plans to make or resolutions to keep, but an overall energy that is going to underwrite or infuse what is to come. This year I’m drawing a blank.   A little…


Looking Forward To A Do-Over

December 23, 2014

Two days before Christmas and the holiday movie marathon has been in full swing for several weeks now. Pleasantly surprised by the number of fresh story lines in this year’s batch of new releases, my perennial favourites are coming this week – The Sound of Music, Meet Me In St Louis and perhaps a choice…


The Longest Week

December 16, 2014

Of all 52 weeks in a year, this one for me is by far the longest. I’m quite positive all those extra days and hours pined for throughout the year are plunked down into the calendar. Then time decides to slow down for a rest after racing at break neck speed for so long. Year…


The Pull Against Pigeon Holes

December 9, 2014

Homework for the first week of a course I’m taking included writing a bio or mission statement of how we wish to be defined. Time and time again I’ve struggled to find the right words and this was no different. How do you squish yourself into an elevator pitch or a Twitter bio so people…


A Rent Check

December 2, 2014

I ran into Rick and his dog Hank at the post office last week. Thanks to a pressing matter for the postmistress his no time to talk turned into a quick catch up. I knew he was receiving an MRU Alumni Lifetime Achievement award and heard snippets about segments of video filmed over several months.…


Madly In Joy

November 25, 2014

Mom sat on her side of the bed in a state of shock watching me stomp all over Dad’s pillow. Mild-mannered, roll-with-the-punches, steady-as-she-goes me was beyond furious with him and something had to move. What’s a girl to do? Get angry I suppose, but that just wasn’t me. Don’t feel and you don’t get hurt.…


Facing The Unknown

November 18, 2014

This past week, even the tiniest whiff of the “washing machine lands on comet” story sent my triple helping of natural curiosity abuzzing. What’s not to like about outer space and giddy scientists are always fun to watch. The old imagination jumped in for some fun tossing in memories of playing Asteroids in the arcade…


Discovering A Man I Never Knew

November 11, 2014

Tucked away in the top drawer of my dad’s bureau was a ceramic jar. This time yellowed and crackled jar with a chunk missing from the lid was a treasure chest. Inside always revealed a handkerchief-sized Scottish Lion flag and a few medals. The only physical evidence my grandfather lived.   We rarely if ever…


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