The Road To Reading

March 10, 2015

Although reading at home was no problem, reading at school got off to a dismal start. Thwarted by performance anxiety I was unable to show my grade one teacher I could read! the very first book she gave us. After finishing each reader on our own, we were required to bring our book to the…


Sticks And Stones

March 3, 2015

A couple of weeks ago when musing on curling, Dawn Downey wisely pointed out “every sport out there is a microcosm of life”. So true. (Although some require more thought, observation and possibly wine than other sports do to see the nuggets and parallels.)   With the men now four days into their championship, The…


A Month Shaken Not Stirred

February 24, 2015

Apparently February took matters into its own hands and decided some shake ups were in order. The whole month has been about tossing the best laid plans aside and dealing with what’s here now. Even getting here to write today’s Letter was accompanied by a whole lot of eraser bits in my day planner. Roll…


The Game Beyond The Game

February 17, 2015

Something I don’t mention a lot is a love of curling. My playing days were very short-lived having recognized quickly how much better suited I was to the game from the couch. Thinking about strategy, seeing angles, predicting shots and watching the impossible happen is pure mind candy for the old inner geek. The women’s…

Embarrassed foot posture on cold tile floor

Embarrassing Moment of Hosiery

February 10, 2015

For decades I dressed and undressed without incident. Whatever underwear was within reach went on before clothes and the clothes came off in no particular order before the underwear. Until that fateful day.   Getting ready one morning I noticed feeling panicky gross inside and desperately wanting to run away. Or at least shrink into…


The Best Way Forward Sometimes

February 3, 2015

A great thing about the unbeaten path – when you step off for a moment there’s little fear of being trampled. Tall grass, sun sparkling snow or the forest floor all make for soft bedding while having a rest. That’s where you’ll find me today – just off to the side, catching my breath and…


Going All In

January 27, 2015

Waiting for test results last week has turned into waiting of a different kind. Not waiting, really. More like being hyper aware and present. Constipation Cat officially became Cancer Kitty at the conclusion of last Tuesday’s ultrasound. With a foregone conclusion, there is no point in focusing on when.   According to the calendars, our…


Find Out Who Really Cares

January 20, 2015

Spent a lot of time laughing through the craziness last week into this one. If you remember constipated cat, she continued to get worse. On Saturday, the third trip to the vet revealed a fluid filled abdomen to match the unreal bloating on the outside. Waiting to hear back from ultrasound specialist turned into waiting…


When Life Shows Up

January 13, 2015

There’s a joke that comes to mind on days like yesterday. How do you make God laugh? Have a plan. The day started out with great promise. Here’s what was on the schedule to kick off the week:   Lorraine’s Monday > Feed & play with the cats > Participate in the weekly webinar >…


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