Beneath Intention And Goals

Inner GPS Of Guidance

Not surprisingly, many a thought, image and inspiration sprung to mind putting “pen to paper” about goals and intentions. Pulling those together in a coherent way has been equally insightful and thought generating.

So without further ado …



Words are labels or shortcuts to represent the thoughts and meaning behind the word. If we spoke in thoughts and meanings our conversations would be much longer, but we’d have much greater clarity and understanding of what we are trying to say.

Whether you prefer ‘goal’ or ‘intention’, what’s most important is being clear about the thoughts you are representing. Using ‘intention’ instead of ‘goal’ brings my attention to a difference of approach on the journey towards dreams and desires.


Shifting from pursuing goals to creating intentions represents the shifting of:

controlling -> allowing

focus -> awareness

destinations -> journey

expectations -> possibilities

ego mind -> Inner Power

physical energy -> universal energy

contracting ->  expanding

struggle -> flow

achievable -> beyond


Field Of View

The zoom lens on a camera makes a great analogy for the effects of being focused or using peripheral vision.  What is seen in your field of view varies from narrow and specific to wide and encompassing.  The resulting images are unique unto themselves. The wide angle image is more than the focused view plus some extra, and the focused image is more than just being a slice of the wider view.

Having “peripheral vision”or expanding your field of view extends further than simply seeing additional stuff. Expanding what you see includes observing from different perspectives as well as recognizing the unexpected. You may expect to hear an answer that appears as a feeling. You may wait for an instruction instead of hearing the lyric of a song. The inspiration not forthcoming may be the sign for “not this way.”


Signs Of Unfolding

You can travel light when you’re on the unfolding path. You don’t need to know exactly how you are going to get there or exactly how the end will look.  Lack of knowing how is a major source of paralysis stopping you from even starting.

What you will need to have is greater awareness – of where you place your attention, knowing your signals, and what you truly desire. As you learn more about yourself you are likely to dis cover what you thought you desired is not what you truly desire. You are allowed to change your mind.

With this greater awareness in hand, you can set off without knowing everything because signals will provide direction along the way. Think of  bumper bowling where the padding keeps the ball rolling in a forward direction. Our paths are rarely that straight, however, and with enough force you can still jump lanes. The more you listen to our signals, the less circuitous the path.


Recognizing your signals develops over time. Not everyone experiences signals in the same way. You need to learn your own signals through paying attention, trial, success and error. Essentially you’re programming your personal Inner Power GPS.

The idea of unfolding brought to mind the once cutting edge Godley and Creme video “Cry” from 1985. Searching for “Cry” I stumbled upon the more recent morphing video “Diamond Jubilee“.



Time is given undue importance when used as a way to deal with frustration and impatience. We bring things to an end or jump the gun rather than dealing with the real issues at hand.

Sometimes now is not the right time, and forcing now to be the right time creates the exact struggle you want to avoid. Or prevents you from finding the solution you truly desired.

Back in a previous life of IT and corporations, every project seemed to have this tension between quality, quantity and time. More often than not, time won out. Quality and quantity tended to be short changed in order to meet a deadline – artificial or not. There’s always later, next quarter or next year. In the meantime, people had to deal with the effects of  quality problems or a narrowed scope because a deadline was imposed.


Real Life

One sign I’ve come to learn the long way – a plan or design not moving ahead means the plan is not right. Proceed … and push rope. Wait, fiddle, pay attention, listen … and things seem to almost start moving magically on their own and fall into place. The solution for casing a crooked door in an awkward corner took a year. Basement plans seem to take two. The last renovation had to wait for us to drop our idea of rearranging the entire floor plan. The current development plan waited for for us to make decisions on priorities. When we give time a chance to work for us, time does in spades.

A friend has been struggling with staying where she works for some months; almost from the beginning. She wanted to leave, but enough self-doubt made her stay. Signals began appearing, then escalating to the point just before kick-in-the-butt. The pressure was enough to overcome the self-doubt, breathe and open herself to the idea of leaving. In the span of a few short weeks she gone from being stuck to looking at her own practice with two locations. She recently commented excitedly how the opportunities seem to keep coming to make her dream come true.


What examples have you seen in your life of making the shift or navigating with your own Inner GPS signals?



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