12 Wishes For A New Year – Part 2

Festive drawing with winter themes ringing in the new year

Welcome to the start of a new year!

And really, a new year starts at the time of our choosing.

If you want to start anew or change up anything, begin at any time.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year.

Take even the tiniest step today so you can say you’ve begun.


Let’s continue with new year wishes.

Last week outlined wishes 1 through 6 to release the magic of you inside.

Here then, are wishes 7 through 12.


12 wishes for a newer you year


7. Get creative

Let the creative force, flow for the sake of being creative.

Let your imagination run wild.

With numbers, or fonts, or paintbrushes, or pencils, or toys, or words, or music, or singing, or … whatever you’re drawn to do.

Bonus points if you let the creativity flow outside your normal modes.

This is not about creating great works. Or even decent ones.

It’s about feeling the creative force within you.


8. Embrace broke

Money has become tenacious in it’s grip over us.

No matter how much we have, we fear having none.

And put life on hold for when we have more.

No matter what our income level, we overlook other resources at our disposal.

What do you have right now to do what you want to accomplish without spending anything more?


9. Be terrible

What do you suck at?

Do that.

How often are we great at something new?

Floundering and incompetence doesn’t feel good.

By purposefully doing things you’re bad at shifts how your interpretation of that feeling.

You’re bad at something, so what.


10. Be unproductive

This may be the hardest wish to implement.

Do nothing.

Be lazy.

Go round in circles and get nothing accomplished.

Take the utmost longest, most circuitous route you can to get where you want to go.

On purpose.

Observe the mind chatter.

Feel the discomfort.

Keep at it long enough to see what’s on the other side.


11. Go unknown

Get lost.


Find ways to be where you don’t know anything or anyone.

Even learning something entirely new or listening to a different music genre will do.

Stay put rather than scrambling to get the heck out of there.

What initial reactions surface and how do you react?

Settle into yourself. Look around and look within.

What do you know? What can you discover? What can you draw upon.

Practice navigating your way through being based in yourself instead of trying to reach some point “out there.”


12. Share

We aren’t necessarily drawn to shout our journeys from mountain tops.

Hiccups and hurdles are kept to ourselves from embarrassment.

Successes are kept quiet with fear of being labeled a braggart.

And asking for help is a whole other ball of wax.

But life is a contact connection sport.

Sharing is an act of vulnerability, that in the right company of like-minded souls, pays off in spades.

Many hands can make light work.

Many minds can generate even better ideas and solve unsolvable problems.



Of the twelve wishes, is there one that intrigues you more than others, and / or one that instills a sense of dread?


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