12 Wishes For A New Year – Part 1

Festive drawing with winter themes ringing in the new yearHard to believe another holiday season is drawing to a close and the new year is upon us.

While creating holiday cover images for Facebook, a single wish for others kept popping up –


Fill the [holidays / year] with the magic of you.


But that got me thinking.

Was it enough?

As in

yeah, right,

sounds good,

how pie-in-the-sky,

what do you do with something like that anyway,

moving on,



Really though, what would make next year different?


A different you.


So instead of a single wish for you, I have 12.

One for each month to give attention to and build upon.

Full disclosure though – these wishes will shake things up.


To release more of the magic that is quietly sitting deep inside.

Think steam rising from stirring a pot of cooling soup.


12 Wishes For A Newer You Year


1. See gratitude

Gratitude is a game changer. A perspective shifter. It’s also the quiet, unobtrusive wallflower cousin of Joy too easily overlooked.

See (at least) one thing every day you’re grateful for. Write. it. down. On the worst of days, one thing can feel like a huge stretch. Keep looking until you find (at least) that one thing.


2. Poke

Curiosity is an ocean of energy. For the creative as much as the scientist and info nerd.

Don’t take things at face value. Dig deeper.

Ask questions. Ask better questions. Lots of them. Follow where they lead. Even when you don’t know.


3. Screw up (often)

Who wants to fail?

You do.

Fail on purpose. Seriously. Because the more often you fail, the less control over you it has.

Practice failing so feeling crappy can transform into feeling excitement over what you can learn.

Learn about what you’re up to and learn about you.


4. Blush

Thinking what others might think of us wields great power. Who really wants to be on the outs?

So the thought of being embarrassed keeps us at arm’s length from others.  Better to circle-the-wagons and toe the line than be attacked.

But embarrassment has a lot of similarities with failure. One of them being, the more we practice being embarrassed, the less control it has over us.

Amazingly enough, not caring about small things (like purposefully wearing mismatched socks) builds confidence for taking chances with much bigger things.


5. Squirm

Get uncomfortable.

Push at the sides of the box. Make them bulge (quite) a bit.

Retest what you’ve always thought to be true. Like the taste of green olives or not being efficient at packing a box.


6. Idolize (yourself)

How easy it is to look at others – an author, artist, athlete, or actor to think of a few – and think “if only I were more …”

But to recognize something in another means you have something of it within yourself.

You can’t see what you’re not aware of.

You have gifts those around you wish they could have too. Go ahead, ask them. They’ll be all too happy to share.

Acknowledge your gifts. They are yours to share, not shy away from.


Until next week, with wishes 7 through 12.


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