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Reignite what lights you up inside for a renewed sense of clarity, meaning and direction.

There's something more

When you’re in that place where you don’t know what to do, and you clearly know it’s not what you’re doing now … okay, I’ll say it, life sucks.

You’ve done your best, done what you were supposed to do, and it’s still not right.

Everything looks great on the outside, while the inside feels more like a jumble of frustrated, empty and lost with a dash of everything else.

Shouldn’t finding your passion, or at least some direction, be a lot easier than this?

Hold up a sec

Step back.

Give yourself some elbow room.


You’re okay

Really. You are.

There’s a very good reason for feeling off-track, not knowing what to do or stretched between two lives.

Those inner whispers and nudges are messages letting you know deeper change is afoot.

When, not if.

You’ll get there.

You’ve already taken the first steps.


Up to now, you’ve likely been focusing on what to do

You just don’t know what that is. Or how you’ll get there. Or when is the right time.

You’ve tried just about everything. Nothing clicks.

Nothing quite causes you to sink back, let go and exhale “This. Is. My. It.”

Here’s the thing

The answers you’ve been looking for are right here.

Hidden all around in plain sight.

Instead of focusing on what to do, the key is found in discovering you.


That journey takes another approach.

A shift in questions.

Different skills.


That’s what we’re up to here.

Developing those new skills and seeing the answers you’ve been looking for.

You’re here.

You. are. ready.

Close up of Lorraine sitting by river

Me? Been there too...

I’m Lorraine Watson, and have traveled this road of seeking and questioning. I know what feeling hesitant, vulnerable, alone and even lost can be like when the inner call won't stop.

Part catalyst, part Sherpa and part nudger among other things, I’m at my best letting loose my insatiable curiosity, intuitive abilities and cutting through the crap to uncover the nuts & bolts core.

I’m your partner in finding clarity about who you really are and living true to yourself.

Follow Your Light is all about supporting you in knowing yourself more deeply, hearing the whispers more clearly and having the courage to step into ‘there's something more to life’ that is calling you.

You're not the only one

Navigating this journey of transformation comes with a wide range of thoughts and emotions. For as lonely as it feels as times, what you're seeking is what so many others are searching for too.   

We don't recognize each other because it's difficult to talk about something so personal, and not everyone starts their questioning at the same time.

What you'll find in common with other questioners is:

Avatar of female with bun and glasses

You want to be you all the time, not one person at work or out with friends and another at home.


Avatar of female with curly hair

You're tired of doing what everyone - and you - thinks is the proper thing you should do.


Avatar of female with glasses and tank top

You want to step off the hamster wheel and live instead with that so far elusive sense of inner peace and ease.


Avatar of female with pixie cut

You want the clarity of knowing what you're supposed to do, at least to be headed in the right direction.

Avatar of female with long hair and t-shirt

You want to live a true life, without the pressure of it having to be the best, most badass extraordinary one.

Avatar of female with shoulder length hair

You want to explore new things, even though they're not who you were before.

Where to Begin

It’s okay not know what the inner whispers are saying.

Or what the pokes and nudges are supposed to mean.

Those answers will become clearer with time.

More important to recognize is you know something is going on and you’re paying attention.   

How do you take the next step when you feel stuck or at a loss about where or how to start.


Imagine sitting around the kitchen table with a cuppa and some goodies discussing such topics of change, spirituality, and finding your purpose.

Chances are the conversation would meander into how you might find peace of mind and gain sense of direction.

My suggestions for where to begin would be: surround yourself, start where you are, and build a foundation for change.

They may sound too simple to work, but simplicity has the ability to cut through complications and reduce the overwhelm of everything.

creating the groundwork for the journey ahead

Large circle connected to five smaller surrounding circles

Surround Yourself

Change often feels lonely. Isolated.

You don’t want to burden others with what’s been weighing you down.

Friends and family don’t understand and you haven’t met anyone who does.

Now you have.

I’ve been there. I get you.

Talking, sharing and just plain hanging out with others who know what you’re going through changes the process of changing.

Being in the same space with others, you begin to see you're not alone, know there’s support and uplifted by new ideas and energy.

Star icon zooming into the foreground

Start Where You Are

Change is unsettling. Full of unknowns.

It’s that place in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading. You don’t quite belong in either.

That’s a good thing because you won’t be distracted from looking at what’s here now and what you do know.

The nudges of change set off a slew of a questions that don't seem to have clear answers. Of those, four in particular come up for most everyone when they’re in this space in between.

I've tackled those with my take and seeing why you're right where you're supposed to be when facing change.

Four stones balance on top of each other

Build a Foundation

Figuring out the one thing you’re supposed to do – and getting it perfectly right – is a huge ask.

So huge in fact, your brain is more likely to freeze with overwhelm than find the answer.

Instead of focusing on “the happily ever after” end, building skills used over and over again will help you keep taking the next step forward.

No matter what change you face, you'll be better equipped to create space, Listen to what's appearing around you, and find greater clarity on the next steps to take.

Practicing these practical three steps turns them into powerful tools that are always at your disposal.

Finding a kindred spirit

Wanting to feel safe and be around others who get you is important.

You want to work with someone who “clicks."

I want that for myself.

Which side of the slider resonates most with you? 

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What next

There's no doubt the journey ahead feels a bit daunting.

If it was easy, you'd already be there.

What you should do next really does start with three small steps.

They'll give you some momentum and set some groundwork for what's ahead.

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