My Story

Been there, been that

You know how you come across people who somehow knew since they were ‘yea high’ what they wanted to be when they grew up.

That wasn’t me.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why they were so lucky when I didn’t have a clue.

Not knowing, and not deciding, what I wanted led to a life not my own.

Options in high school were filled with courses my sister loved and I failed miserably.  In university a computer science degree was the best of the uninteresting for work potential.

Don’t pass up an opening with a large corporation.

I dove in and gave my all waking hours – and many nights – to achieve somebody else’s goals.   A shiny new job switch quickly tarnished into being taken for granted in worse circumstances.

Solution. Take control of my life, go out on my own – yes, that must be the answer.

Not so fast

Being your own boss doesn’t guarantee work is more enjoyable, better options are available, or you have freedom.  The rules may change, but the game remains the same.

I was being pushed from inside to change. I knew there was something more – to me, and life.

But what? And how?


Back in 1995-1996, I lived through my Lost Year, trying anything and everything in order to find “me”. My “it.”

A light bulb finally went off with the realization I’d been living not just a Lost Year, but a Lost Life – triggered by a single decision made in grade 11.

I. wasn’t. going. to. be. a. doctor.

In an instant, the path I had always seen so clearly ahead turned into not knowing who I was.

All because I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I really could have used Me now, back then

I would have told me it was okay to not know.

Not knowing didn’t have to suck so bad.

There might even be some cool things to discover by sticking around.

What I needed most was someone to show me how to take the time to know my unique self, who I really was being.

There’s no point adding up the time, effort and money spent doing all the things I tried to relieve the frustration.

Far too depressing.

After all that investment, I was no further ahead in finding “me” or what my purpose was supposed to be.

Let’s just say there was a lot of backtracking, going in circles and being frozen in place until ...

Another light bulb went off

What I do does not define who I am or why I’m here.

Living a true life is about being who I am, not about what I do.

Being who I am changes what I do.

What I do is an expression of who I am being.

Now what I see from where I am now that I couldn’t see then – all those years spent seeking and searching … I wasn’t really lost after all.

I was hiding out.

Waiting to dis cover myself again.

What's up

The yearning to be yourself, to live your true life, to want “something more” is perfectly normal.

They’re signs you’re in a growth spurt.

"Growing up" doesn’t stop when you turn 18.

Or 25.

Or 40.

Or 80.


You couldn’t stop yourself from learning to talk, or run, or get taller.

You won’t stop your inner growth either.

It’s a matter of when, not if.

Don't go it alone

Going through this transition wasn’t meant to be done alone.

This business of dis covering who you really are feels very risky and very vulnerable.

When you’re by yourself, it’s too easy to only see one perspective, to get discouraged and give up too soon. Heck, by yourself it’s so easy to not even start (again).

As an infant and child, you had your parents, siblings and extended family to encourage, support and celebrate with you.

Now is no different. You need the power of a community to support, encourage, and brush off the dirt when you stumble. And of course celebrate!

That’s where I come in.

I'm here to ...

My role is to create a safe space for you to explore and allow your true self to come through. If that was an easy task, you would have already done it by now. I bring a fresh set of eyes, nudge, ask questions, call BS, and nudge some more.

but not ...

I’m not here to hold you accountable. The only accountability worth having is to yourself. I’m here to work damn hard when you’re ready to take on ups and downs of change and becoming the real true you.

Most important of all

I’m here to see the real you and hold you in that truer place until you can see the real you too.

Bringing your full and unique self to everything you do changes everything.


Everything starts with you.

You are the “something more” you have been looking for and that’s why we’re here.

Core Values

The best way I know how to navigate through the uncertainty of this journey comes back to three core principles:

Safe Space

What and who we’re surrounded by deeply influences our perceptions, behaviors, and willingness to risk being vulnerable. You can’t go where you’re not willing to risk.


The answers you’re looking for don’t need fancy giftwrap and bows. They’re all around when you practice how to look differently at every day things.


Being inquisitive transforms the way you look at the world from trying to find what is missing to what else is there to know. Instead of striving for mastery of life, you become an explorer of mystery.

oh, and then

Of course, there's a lot more to say about this journey of inner exploration.  If you find these three ideas resonate, you may be interested in the top 10 beliefs that frame my work.

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